What You Need For Veterinary Marketing Success

What You Need For Veterinary Marketing Success

What You Need For Vet Marketing Success

a strong marketing campaign is essential for any business, and a veterinary office is no exception. Here's what you need to know for vet marketing success.

Veterinary hospital marketing has changed a lot over the past 10 years as customers have become Internet savvy.

Providing great care is no longer enough. To stay ahead of the competition, one needs a great vet marketing campaign.

A strong marketing campaign is essential for any business, and a veterinary office is no exception. Here are some tips on what you need for vet marketing success.

Branding Is Key For Vet Marketing

It’s essential that your practice's brand catches customer interest.

A strong brand image requires strategy, time, and brand unity across all websites and social media platforms.

Branding consists of the internal and external aspects of your business as well as knowing who your target audience is. As a veterinary practice, you already know who your target is, now you just have to interact with other pet lovers.

A Custom Website

Having a great website is key because it's the first impression you make on a client. A website can even draw people to your practice who aren't locals! It’s essential that your site has a professional appearance to earn client trust.

A website should show your practice’s personality and tell a personal story. It should also show your office, faculty, and potentially some of your furry clients as well. The site should list all important information such as address, contact information, services, price, and hours of operation.

Many people access websites through their phones, which makes it important that your site is mobile compatible. A custom mobile app can help your practice further stand out.

Suggested features for a great veterinary hospital app:

  • Appointment requests
  • Prescription refills
  • Map directions
  • Animal and veterinary related news

The Power of Social Media

A social media vet marketing campaign lets you personally interact with clients.

Key social media platforms and their benefits:

  • Facebook: your content can be shared by clients to generate interest
  • Twitter: lets you react in real time to your clients’ concerns
  • LinkedIn: helps your company earn referrals and testimonials
  • Google+: your content can help to increase your SEO
  • YouTube: video content can be shared to generate interest

Grow a Facebook Following

Providing Facebook content will help your business get noticed. When clients share, like, or comment on your content their Facebook friends will know and become interested.

It’s important to properly set your Facebook page up.

The information you should have on your page includes:

  • Short description of your clinic
  • Mission statement
  • Services provided
  • Hours of operation
  • Website address
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Fun and engaging pictures

One recommended way to add a fun and engaging picture is by including your clients. Have a staff member take a picture of you, the pet owner, and your furry client. This way you can tag them when you post the picture and the pet owner will share it, which will draw more interest to your practice!

Providing Facebook content such as pet tips, veterinarian philosophy, and fun stories is a great way to bond with your clients. This useful content will be valued by your clients and likely shared, which can interest new clients.

A staff member should be assigned to monitor your Facebook account for customer activity. When a customer comments on your posts, a quick reply will go a long way to building loyalty.

On your Facebook page, you should click that you want to allow followers to post reviews. Feedback helps a business to grow and positive reviews will draw more clients to your practice!

Deliver Entertaining Video Content

The most watched videos on YouTube are funny cat and dog videos. This makes video content a smart decision for your vet marketing campaign.

Video ideas include:

  • Tour of your clinic
  • Videos about your services
  • Instructional videos

How-to videos that teach your clients on pet care techniques in a fun way will help to bring a lot of personality to your clinic. The more shares and views your videos get, the more people find out about your company.

Good SEO and PPC Generate Traffic

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is a great way to help your small business stand apart from the crowd. Having an effective SEO will ensure your company is listed on the top of search engine sites. For good SEO you need to deliver content that drives people to your site.

Using keywords and writing blogs are a great way to earn site traffic.

It’s important to track trending keywords because they can change on a daily basis.

A credible blog that provides excellent and unique content will help to drive people to your site. Your blog should be personal and help the customer get to know your philosophy.

While having a good SEO can drive traffic, you can also pay to have your site featured on search engines. Many vet marketing campaigns rely on pay-per-click (PPC) to increase their company’s awareness. PPCs are seen at the top of search engines, such as Google, and are tagged as advertisements.

PPCs require less time than SEO to rise to the top, but at a cost. Each time a customer clicks on your link, you'll need to pay-per-click. The most successful campaigns use both PPC and SEO together.

Reviews Are Important

When people search for a business near them, Google lists the businesses by the reviews they receive. The better the reviews, the higher the rank, and the more likely a customer will opt to use their services.

The good news is it’s simple to increase your rank. All you have to do is ask for a customer to refer your business.

A simple e-mail that asks for a review after a visit can go a long way. In the e-mail, make sure to provide the client with your Yelp or Google Business page. Thanking your client in the e-mail can also help to build customer loyalty.

Now that you know the benefits that a great vet marketing campaign to bring to your company, it's time to create your campaign.

For help with all your vet marketing needs feel free to contact us.

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Guide to Choosing A Veterinary Marketing Company


How To Choose the Best Veterinary Marketing Company For Your Veterinary Practice

Guide to Choosing A Veterinary Marketing Company!
Choosing a Veterinary Marketing Company can be a tough choice considering the implications.  If you choose wisely your business should begin to take off and you will start to get new patients.  If you choose wrong you will spend thousands of dollars and literally go nowhere.  So how can you make the right decision.  This guide should serve as your template for choosing which Veterinary Marketing Company would be a good fit for your Veterinary Practice.

Experience as a Marketing Company for Veterinarians!
No matter who you choose make sure you choose a marketing company that focuses solely on Veterinarians.  The reason this is so important is that the Veterinary Industry is so much different than all other industries and a marketing company that doesn't understand the nuances of the Veterinary Space will not have an approach and strategy that has been time tested with Veterinarians.  In addition they will not be able to effectively write content that is relevant to the Veterinary Space.  We have heard the horror story too many times of a Veterinary Practice spending tens of thousands of dollars only to have nothing to show for it.  

Website Examples of Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals!
There are many different Veterinary Marketing companies out there but only one or two who make amazing websites.  Make sure you get at least 2 to 3 examples of current client websites before deciding to work with a company.  The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a new website only to realize it looks old and doesn't have the functionality your practice needs to be productive. When you are looking at their example websites make sure they are not using a template (meaning every website doesn’t look the same).  Make sure the content is original, fun and engaging. Make sure it has functions like: New Client Paperwork, Schedule An Appointment, a Blog for posting articles, seperate pages for each service and clearly distinctive branding and messaging.

Examples of clients who are having success doing Veterinary Marketing!
Any Veterinary Marketing Company that claims to do wonders should have examples of clients where they are doing just that. Before investing thousands of dollars on a new marketing plan make sure they show you another client who is having success using the same marketing plan. If they are so good then have them show you. One of the easiest ways to confirm this is by doing a google search for a “veterinarian” or “animal hosptial” in the city where that client is located.  If they are coming up on the 1st page of Google then you are in the right place if they are nowhere to be found then you need to find a different Veterinary Marketing Company.  If they are good they will have good examples to share with you.  Makes sense right!

Online Reviews 
Great Veterinary Marketing Companies have great online reviews.  Do a google search for the company and see what people online have to say about them.  You want to avoid companies with more than one bad review.  If they have multiple positive reviews and just one bad review then read the review and determine if it is valid.  One thing is for sure you will not regret going with a company with all positive reviews.

If you follow these simple rules for choosing a Veterinary Marketing Company for your Veterinary Practice then you will not make the mistakes that others before you have.

Want More Free Ideas?

We hope these five practical solutions will help your veterinary practice grow quickly. If you are interested in receiving additional support to create your business’s online presence visit our website at www.vetmarketingpro.com to download our free case study and Learn How A Veterinary Practice Increased Their Online Leads By 340% In..30 Days!

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Veterinary Marketing Ideas: Facebook Marketing for Veterinarians


Veterinary Marketing Ideas: Facebook Marketing for Veterinarians

A Facebook Page For Your Veterinary Practice?

Should you have a facebook page for your Veterinary Practice?  Yes of course you should! It’s FREE plus there a many other benefits.  Your current clients and potential clients are on Facebook.  Facebook provides a good medium to connect with existing clients which often leads to more frequent visits.  If someone shares one of your posts and they have 300 friends then you just got 300 people worth of free marketing. Yes that is one of the reasons why facebook marketing works so well for Veterinary Practices.  In addition 85% of pet owners are on Facebook which provides a natural path for you to get more clients.  Every time someone likes your post...YOU GET FREE MARKETING because their friends saw that they liked your post.  Everytime someone comments on your post...YOU GET FREE MARKETING because all their friends see them commenting on your post.  Everytime someone shares your post...YOU GET FREE MARKETING. If you get get reviews on your facebook page then pet owners who move to your area will see those reviews when they go online. So yes having a Facebook Page and a Facebook strategy for your Veterinary Practice is a must if you want to have a successful marketing plan.  Below I will give you a simple formula that you can apply today to setup a Facebook Plan and Strategy for your Veterinary Practice.

Build Your Foundation!

Your facebook page should have the same branding, images, content and messaging that you have on your website.  I even recommend using the same picture that you have on your website as the main picture on your facebook page.  You want to have the same consistent branding between your facebook page and website that way clients and potential clients will easily be able to recognize your branding and messaging when they encounter it.  This is about Brand Building also!  

In addition make sure all your information is correct and your hours are correct.  Under the services section you can list all the services that you provide.  Make sure that you have the “Reviews” tab turned on because you want to give your clients a place to give you positive reviews.  Make sure you have entered your website and any other social media profiles that you have for you Veterinary Practice.  In addition you need to add your mission statement and a short description of your clinic.  The messaging should match that of your website.  Setting up the proper foundation and using consistent messaging and branding is the 1st Step to implementing a successful strategy for Facebook Marketing for your Veterinary Practice.

Develop and Post Content

Once you have your Facebook foundation built the next thing to do is develop a strategy for your facebook page moving forward.   You should have two main goals: 1. Engage Existing Clients 2. Engage Pet Owners who are currently not your client.    In order to achieve those goals you (or most likely a member of your staff) should post on your Facebook Page for your Veterinary Practice at least one to two times per day.   You are wanting people to like, comment and share on your posts and in order for that to happen your posts have to be fun, entertaining, relevant and informational.  To make things simple we will look at 4 different types of posts that can be implemented into your Facebook Marketing Strategy to accomplish those goals:  1. Cute & Funny 2.  Current Patients 3. Specials / Discounts   4. Relevant Content.

  1. Cute & Funny - Everybody loves cute cat and dog videos, in fact they are the most watched videos on Youtube.  So might I suggest following a few facebook pages that share and post cute and funny dog and cat videos.   Here are a few examples of some good ones.  Remember the more likes that they have indicates that more people like their videos. @CuteCats2016 @myDogVideos @funnycutedogvideos. Now tell whoever is managing your Facebook page to follow these pages also..  Whenever they see a video they love in their Facebook feed they can share it to your facebook page.  This is simple and easy and it only takes a few seconds each day to do this.  The reason that this method works so well is because everyone loves cute and funny cat and dog videos which will significantly increase your chances getting someone to like your post, comment on your post or even share your post.  That means FREE MARKETING.


  1. Current Patients - This is another easy one that people on the internet like. Have your staff member that is managing the facebook strategy take some pictures of patients after their treatment. Then you can tag the owner of the pet also in the post.  So for example when Mrs. Smith brings in her little Mr. Whiskers for some dental care you can take a cute picture of Mr. Whiskers when Mrs. Smith returns to pick him up.  You don’t need to do this with every patient but once or twice a day is great.   The picture can be titled, “Mr Whiskers after his teeth cleaning”.  It is important to ask the owner before taking the posting the picture which is why we suggest doing it when they pick them up.  When your staff member is taking the picture they can even ask Mrs. Smith if she minds being tagged in the post.  This is what you want.  That way all her friends will see that she takes Mr. Whiskers to your Veterinary Clinic for care.  This more FREE MARKETING.


  1. Specials / Discounts  -  If you are running a special or a discount for a particular service that you offer then rolling it out on Facebook only makes sense.  Remember there is no cost to post your discount or special on Facebook.  We suggest coming up with one good special or offer per month and then each week of that month you can post your special on your page reminding your clients of the special running that month.


  1. Relevant Content -  This is your chance to share relevant content about the Veterinary Industry and your chance to channel any veterinary philosophy that you may have developed.  You can share stories that you have come across or even write the content yourself.  Here are some ideas for relevant content that you can share or create.   Why Spay & Neutering your Pet Matters!  Summer Tips For Ticks!  Diet and Nutritional Information! Grooming tips and information.  This relevant content is important because your existing clients will read it, digest it and often time implement any recommendations that come along with the relevant content.

Follow these tips and you are well on your way to developing a Facebook Marketing Plan for your Veterinary Practice that will be both engaging and bring in new Patents.

Want More Free Ideas?

We hope these five practical solutions will help your veterinary practice grow quickly. If you are interested in receiving additional support to create your business’s online presence visit our website at www.vetmarketingpro.com to download our free case study and Learn How A Veterinary Practice Increased Their Online Leads By 340% In..30 Days!


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