Veterinary Search Engine Optimization
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Everyday there are pet owners in your local area searching online for the veterinary services that you provide.
The chances of your website showing up 1st on sites like Google can be daunting with all the competition. Simply put, if you are not 1st on Google you are losing clients to competitors. To accomplish this, it is important to use a Google Compliant Search Engine Optimization strategy.

SEO works by ranking your site at the top of the search list. So, when a pet owner searches your city for “Veterinarian”, or “Animal Hospital”, your website is on the very top of Google. This ensures you a steady stream of new appointments and new clients.
In the days when marketing meant billboards, newspaper ads, and the Yellow Pages, those who spent the most money usually got the most business. In today's world it is not how much money is spent, rather how well it's spent. That is when a experienced team of internet marketers can make the difference. Not just any marketers...Marketers with only 5 Stars reviews online and marketers who have a track record of success in the Veterinary Industry!
Vet Marketing Pro focuses on the most important goal first, Driving business through the door! Here is how we know our SEO strategy is so effective:
1000’s of hours researching how search engine companies choose which websites are places high on the list.
Targeting the market so pet owners who need your services will find you.
Building an SEO strategy so Google and others rank you first when potential clients search for your services.
The best part is, once your website is optimized, the benefits continue to grow stronger over time, like a snowball building up snow as it rolls down hill. It is like buying a billboard instead of leasing one. Once you own the billboard, your ads stay up forever!!

Our SEO Method

Google My Business & Local

Google My Business & Local

Creating a Google My Business Listing is a perfect way to start ranking your practice. Google is by far the largest search provider, you will get an immediate benefit from having one.

We optimize your Listing with the goal of getting your practice to show up 1st. So if pet owner searches for a veterinarian or animal hospital in your area, your practice shows up #1 on the Google Maps listing!
Blog Article Writing

Blog Article Writing

Blog posting is top priority for a successful SEO strategy. We create blog posts on your website that target keywords like “Spay and neuter” or “Animal Dental Care”, to showcase what services you provide.
  • Write Blog Articles about the different services your provide
  • Provide internal and external links to make your website rank higher
  • Write Blog Articles targeting cities around your practice
Effectively, this provides information to the search engines that the blog article on your website is relevant and should be ranked high. Doing this with multiple articles starts to compound the results for your business.
Link-Building & In-Content Links

Link-Building & In-Content Links

Link building is the 2nd most important aspect of an SEO strategy. It tells the search engines your website is connected, in a meaningful way, to other sites that are credible and rank high when searched. We write and create original, semantically relevant content, around your key services. It is then posted to external sites to be searched and “linked” to your website.
  • These links tell Google that your website is relevant for those services. As a result, your ranking improves.
  • These links are permanent, durable, and last over time.
Our seo strategy is permanent and durable and compounds over time.
You own all the SEO, content and Links. Meaning, you own the biggest billboard on Main Street and the competition is always coming in second!

Call us now (310) 504-3734
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Call us now (310) 504-3734
or schedule a demo

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